Karen Gnat
Dexterity PD Instructor

Karen Gnat has worked in wellness as a yoga teacher and nutritionist for over 20 years, with a particular interest in mental health and trauma. For several years, Karen has been immersed in the learning, studying, and teaching of trauma, in particular the impacts on the physiological body. This has been complemented by her work in studying mental health from a nutritional and physical perspective.

Karen studies psychotherapy at the Ontario College of Counseling & Psychotherapy with emphasis on trauma. She places high importance on lifelong learning and consistently takes courses and conducts research to expand her skillset.

The trauma courses created in conjunction with Dexterity PD are based heavily on extensive evidence-based research, particularly including academic studies conducted by the US Department of Veterans Affairs on PTSD. In addition, Karen’s experiences working and teaching in the trauma field have shaped the course content.


Karen collaborated with Dexterity PD to create a series of courses exploring trauma and mental health and how this can impact manual therapy treatment.

The Understanding the Patient: Trauma & Mental Health Certificate Program consists of TWO (2) courses:

  1. Understanding Trauma & Mental Health (2 hours)
  2. Trauma: Professional Considerations (1 hour)