Do you have Accessible versions of your courses?


At Dexterity Professional Development we are committed to making our website's content accessible and user-friendly. The platform where we host our courses has updated its features to be compliant with the most recent World Wide Web Consortium’s Content Accessibility Guidelines standards as of June 1, 2020.  Additionally, the platform we use to produce our courses has improved and updated its features to enhance accessibility. As our courses undergo biannual review, updates will include an integration of these features. Dexterity PD is committed to making our course content accessible to everyone. Upon request, we will develop and provide accessible versions of our [...]

Do you have Accessible versions of your courses?2021-06-23T14:38:42-04:00

I would like to create a course. What are my next steps?


Please contact the Manager of Course Development at to have a preliminary discussion and obtain the Dexterity PD Course Proposal template. You will be required to submit a formal course proposal, which will be evaluated by the Course Development Team. If your proposal is selected to move forward, you will be advised of next steps by the Manager of Course Development.

I would like to create a course. What are my next steps?2021-05-03T21:30:07-04:00


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