Can I take courses with you to meet STRiVE requirements?


Associations that have adopted the STRiVE Quality Assurance program do not provide pre-approvals for courses. Instead, individuals are required to set professional goals. An individual must complete two learning activities relevant to each of their goals. Depending on the goals that you set for yourself, you may find a relevant Dexterity PD course. One Dexterity PD course is equivalent to one learning activity. We have helpfully provided samples of how each Dexterity PD course relates to the STRiVE competencies in the course description. Note that there are many other ways of linking a course to the STRiVE competencies and your learning [...]

Can I take courses with you to meet STRiVE requirements?2021-05-03T21:30:58-04:00

How do I obtain a completion certificate?


Your certificate is downloadable by logging into your account and navigating to the completed course. The green "Start Learning Now" button will now state "Download Your Certificate". You may re-download this certificate at any time.

How do I obtain a completion certificate?2021-05-03T21:31:47-04:00

Will I receive continuing education credits with my association?


Each course description includes an approvals section and the "Course Approvals" tab lists approvals by association. We submit courses on a rolling basis to associations and these sections are updated regularly with new approvals. We also post on social media when new approvals are received. Please email us at with any questions you may have.

Will I receive continuing education credits with my association?2021-05-03T21:31:55-04:00


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