Do I have to complete a course in one sitting?2020-09-24T10:54:46-04:00

You can complete a course in one sitting, or you may take the course in multiple sittings – the course will remember where you left off. You are also able to review what you have previously completed.

What if I don’t pass a quiz?2020-09-24T10:51:19-04:00

Course quizzes are knowledge checks. Once you have achieved 70% on a quiz, you can proceed through the course.

I lost my certificate for a course I took, how do I get a replacement?2020-09-24T10:45:52-04:00

Your certificate is downloadable from the completion email you received or by logging in and navigating to the completed course..

How often do you release new courses?2020-09-24T11:14:56-04:00

Check back often as we regularly release new courses.

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My question isn’t answered here.2020-09-24T10:39:57-04:00

 Please contact us at customercare@dexteritypd.com

Do I need special software to be able to take a course?2020-10-10T23:25:10-04:00

You do not require any special software to take a course.

We recommend speakers or headphones for the video components of courses. Certain courses, such as Self-Myofascial Release, will suggest tools and equipment to enable you to follow along with the demonstrated techniques. Any additional materials for a course will be clearly indicated in the course description.

Laptop or Desktop: For best results, we suggest using Google Chrome as your browser. 

Tablet or Phone: For best results, we suggest downloading our mobile app (available on Android and IOS).  Click to Download    If you do not use the App we suggest using Google Chrome as your browser and have your device in landscape mode.


How long will it take to complete the course?2020-09-24T11:30:27-04:00

Each course is labelled with the expected amount of time for completion. This length is based on the amount of time our testers took to complete the course materials and activities at a moderate pace. You may find that it takes you less or more time and this may vary based on subject matter and your abilities. You do not have to complete the course content in one sitting.

Will I receive continuing education credits with my association?2020-09-24T11:30:21-04:00

Check out the Course Credit Approvals section on each course to see what credits the course is approved for with your regulatory college/association.  Please email us at customercare@dexteritypd.com with any questions you may have.

There’s a course I’d really like to take, but it isn’t currently listed in your offerings.2020-09-24T11:30:02-04:00

We are continuously developing new courses for release. Please let us know your suggestions for new courses at customercare@dexteritypd.com

How often are courses updated?2020-09-24T11:29:48-04:00

We review each course on a biannual basis and ensure they reflect current knowledge and standards.

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