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Gross Anatomy of the Axial Skeleton

Gross Anatomy of the Upper Limb

Gross Anatomy of the Lower Limb

Clinical Assessment of the Upper Limb

Clinical Assessment of the Lower Limb

Aromatherapy for Manual Therapists: Understanding Essential Oils

Understanding & Delivering Therapeutic Temperature Applications: Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy & Thermotherapy

Integrating Meditation & Manual Therapy

Advanced Home Care for Therapist & Patient: Self-Myofascial Release

Certificate Programs – coming soon!

Understanding & Delivering Palliative Care

Treating the Athlete: Understanding & Delivering Sport Massage

Treating the Pregnant Person: Understanding & Delivering Perinatal Massage – Coming soon!

Therapeutic Exercise: Cervical Spine Conditions
Therapeutic Exercise: Lower Limb Conditions
Therapeutic Exercise: Pelvic Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Back & Core Conditions – coming soon!
Therapeutic Exercise: Upper Limb Conditions – coming soon!
Therapeutic Exercise: Osteoarthritis – coming soon!
Therapeutic Exercise: Sprains – coming soon!
Therapeutic Exercise: Strains – coming soon!