Course approvals and accreditations from the following associations are included below.



1Acupressure Treatment for Headaches332 S2 S3 C1.5 P
2Acupressure Treatment for Low Back Pain221 S2 S2 C1 P


Aromatherapy for Manual Therapists: Understanding Essential Oils - Certificate Program333 S3 P1.5 COOS
1Understanding Aromatherapy221 P1 COOS
2Aromatherapy: Integrating Oils Into Treatment112 S0.5 COOS


Understanding & Delivering Therapeutic Temperature Applications: Hydrotherapy, Cryotherapy & Thermotherapy - Certificate Program9.59.510 S9.5 C9.5 P
1Hydrotherapy: Understanding Therapeutic Uses of Water221 S2.0 C2.0 P
2Hydrotherapy: Incorporating H2O Into Your Practice111 S1 C1 P
3Hydrotherapy: Beyond Hot & Cold0.50.51 S0.5 C0.5 P
4Cryotherapy: Understanding Therapeutic Uses of Cold111 S1 C1 P
5Cryotherapy: Local Applications111 S1 C1 P
6Cryotherapy: Whole-Body Applications0.50.51 S0.5 C0.5 P
7Thermotherapy: Understanding Therapeutic Uses of Heat111 S1 C1 P
8Thermotherapy: Local Applications111 S1 C1 P
9Thermotherapy: Whole-Body Applications111 S1 C1 P
10Hydrotherapy: Contrast Applications0.50.51 S0.5 C0.5 P


Integrating Meditation & Manual Therapy - Certificate Program30.753 S2 S1.5 C3 P
1Introduction to Meditation1OOS1 S0.5 C1 P
2Meditation: Professional Considerations1OOS1 S0.5 C1 P
3Meditation: Practical Application1OOS1 S0.5 C1 P

Self-Myofascial Release

Advanced Home Care for Therapist & Patient: Self-Myofascial Release - Certificate Program4.54.53 S3 P2.25 C4.5 P
1Understanding Self-Myofascial Release111 S0.5 C1 P
2Self-Myofascial Release: The Jaw0.50.51 S0.25 C0.5 P
3Self-Myofascial Release: The Trunk & Vertebral Column111 S0.5 C1 P
4Self-Myofascial Release: Upper Limb111 S0.5 C1 P
5Self-Myofascial Release: Lower Limb111 S0.5 C1 P
Certificate ProgramCoursesHoursCMMOTACRMTAMTAAMTAMMTAS

Trauma & Mental Health

UnUnderstanding the Patient: Trauma & Mental Health333 S3 P3 C3 P
1Understanding Trauma & Mental Health222 C2 P
2Trauma: Professional Considerations111 C1 P

Professional Considerations

1Understanding the Immune System: Professional Considerations1.51.51.5 P1.5 C1.5 P

Business Practices

Boost Your Business: Marketing Techniques for the Manual Therapist 3 31.5 S3 P2 C3 BUS
Certificate ProgramsCoursesHoursCMMOTACRMTAMTAAMTAMMTAS
Therapeutic Exercise: Theory & Functional Approach0.50.50.5 P0.5 P0.5 C0.5 P

Cervical Spine Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Cervical Spine Conditions - Certificate Program443 P3 P4 C4 P
1Therapeutic Exercise: Whiplash111 C1 P
2Therapeutic Exercise: Torticollis111 C1 P
3Therapeutic Exercise: Cervical Disc Dysfunction111 C1 P
Therapeutic Exercise: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS)111 C1 P

Back & Core Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Back & Core Conditions - Certificate Program333 P3 P3 C
1Therapeutic Exercise: Hyperlordosis111 C1 P
2Therapeutic Exercise: Hyperkyphosis111 C1 P
3Therapeutic Exercise: Scoliosis111 C1 P

Upper Limb Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Upper Limb Conditions - Certificate Program5.55.53 P5.5 C5 P
1Therapeutic Exercise: Rotator Cuff Tendonitis111 C1 P
2Therapeutic Exercise: Frozen Shoulder0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
3Therapeutic Exercise: SLAP Tear0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
4Therapeutic Exercise: Upper Limb Bursitis0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
5Therapeutic Exercise: Biceps Brachii Tendonitis0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
6Therapeutic Exercise: Upper Limb Dislocation111 C1 P
7Therapeutic Exercise: Medial & Lateral Epicondylitis0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
8Therapeutic Exercise: Pronator Teres Syndrome C0.5 P
9Therapeutic Exercise: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome0.50.50.5 C0.5 P

Pelvic Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Pelvic Conditions - Certificate Program1.51.51.5 C1.5 P
1Therapeutic Exercise: Anterior Pelvic Tilt0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
2Therapeutic Exercise: Posterior Pelvic Tilt0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
3Therapeutic Exercise: Trendelenburg Gait0.50.50.5 C0.5 P

Lower Limb Conditions

Therapeutic Exercise: Lower Limb Conditions - Certificate Program553 P5 C5 P
1Therapeutic Exercise: Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Dysfunction0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
2Therapeutic Exercise: Sciatica & Piriformis Syndrome111 C1 P
3Therapeutic Exercise: Lower Limb Bursitis111 C1 P
4Therapeutic Exercise: Iliotibial (IT) Band Friction Syndrome0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
5Therapeutic Exercise: Patellofemoral Syndrome0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
6Therapeutic Exercise: Shin Splints0.50.50.5 C0.5 P
7Therapeutic Exercise: Common Foot Conditions111 C1 P